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A Open Source command line utility for Bulk resizing images

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A Bulk Image Resizer

This is an open source project aiming to provide a little utility to enable bulk resizing of images on a local machine. The premise is that you have a bunch of images all within the same directory that need to be resized keeping the existing aspect ratio, but making the images smaller.

Use cases:

  1. Websites wanting to make their existing images smaller for faster download times:
  2. Websites wanting to provide preview / thumbnail size images
  3. Some websites will not allow uploading of full size images, the need to be resize first.
  4. Reduce the size of a bulk image library

Supported Image Types

  1. jpg or jpeg
  2. gif
  3. bmp
  4. png

#Quick Example The following code will resize all images in the current directory to a max width of 1024 pixels.

>CA.Images resize -w 1024

The original images are not modified, the resize images will places in a nested directory called “ResizedImages” By default the name of the file will be

{original file name}{width}x{height}.{original file type}


Example Resize Image

Below is a example of a images resized, the Original image is 4.69MB the resized image is 0.053MB. This is about 1% of the Original size with

Original Image

Original Image
Original Image is 4,928,291 bytes or 4.69MB

Resized Image

Resized Image
Resized Image is 53,938 bytes bytes or 0.05MB size to max width of 1024px